October 6, 2005

It's the new style...

by Chris Randall

I guess cute little recording concoles are the Next Big Thing in the boutique world. Hot on the heels of the Wunder Audio announcement last week, we have this little beastie from Tonelux. This is more a configure-it-yourself (CIY?) kind of thing; Tonelux has a wide variety of modules for their summing/recording system, and this will hold them all in various configurations.

A bit more info on their website, but suffice to say this is another one that ain't too cheap. On the bright side, you'll see that Manowar, the World's Loudest Band, has chosen Tonelux for their studio. Now, there's a ringing endorsement. Because their records are so good.


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Oct.08.2005 @ 8:02 PM
Paul Wolff just mentioned on Gearslutz that Chandler, Empirical Labs, and Daking will be making modules for this thing.

From here: link [gearslutz.com/bt.php...]">link [gearslutz.com]




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