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December 31, 2006

Happy New Year...

by Chris Randall

Here's my year-end round-up, in the event my opinions on such things have any creedence:

BEST NEW PRODUCT: Moog Lil' Phatty. If nothing else, this product is the best of 2006 simply because it put the final nail in the "ph == f" coffin. But that said, there's nothing about it not to like. Size, form factor, UI, sound, price, style all phan-phucking-tastic. There's no particular reason I haven't bought one yet. I will at some point.

STUPIDEST NEW PRODUCT: Native Instruments Kore. This is the absolute pinnacle of the phrase "solution in desparate search of a problem." I haven't played with one, because I can't be bothered to figure out what the fuck it does or why it exists.

COOLEST PERSON IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: My wife. She puts up with my bullshit, lets me spend ridiculous amounts of money on gear, runs a record label, makes web sites, mostly ignores the nearly constant kick drum thump eminating from my surroundings, regularly uses the name "Cunty McFuckstain" to describe people she doesn't like, and still manages to find time to bake a loaf of bread every three days. How the fuck did I get so lucky?

BIGGEST FUCKING TOOL IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: K-Fed. My first instinct would be to call it a tie between Diamond Dave 103 and that fucktard that runs But really, both of those asscocks really pale in comparision to K-Fed. While I rarely bring him up here, he really is the biggest fucking tool in the music industry. There's no question.

So, that's my best and worst of 2006. What's yours?

December 29, 2006

Move complete...

by Chris Randall

Okay, that wasn't fun at all, but Shaolin Fist Of Death Studio (Mini Quasi-Mobile Iteration) is now in situ. Clickies for a much larger image, so you can go over my rack screw placement pixel by pixel. I still have to figure out how the fuck to shoehorn my controller keyboard in here, but otherwise, I'm good to go. I have everything in this room I need to work on Audio Damage stuff and play Warcraft, so all else is academic. Back out to the real Studio in March or April.

Dig that panelling.

December 29, 2006

Moving Day...

by Chris Randall

I have to assemble a mini version of my studio and move it in to our guest bedroom today, because I can't take the cold any more. (Plus my guitars won't stay in tune for shit, which is annoying as hell.) So don't expect any poignant commentary on the state of the industry from me today. I'll be trying to get those stupid little nut things in my SKB racks slid in to the right positions, &c., &c.

December 28, 2006

Mobile Fun...

by Chris Randall

Elle made me this simplified blog entry page so I could do live blogging from my phone. I'm just testing it out.

December 27, 2006

Blues Lyrics...

by Chris Randall

Are there any blues-format lyrics that haven't been already written like 71,255 times? I've got this song that has been kicking my ass for like 6 months. It's fully produced and done, but it doesn't have any vocals, because I haven't been able to think of something that isn't derivative of, like, every song ever.

This is especially annoying because it's the very last song for this album, and as soon as I get the vocals recorded, I can move my studio in to the house. (It's cold out here!) Fuck! Shit! Fuck!

UPDATE: Hey, look! The world's most useless web page! I knew I'd find it eventually.


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