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November 15, 2005

SoundLab MiniSynth in the queue...

by Chris Randall

I know I threatened to build an MFOS Sound Lab Mini Synth several months ago, but time has not been permitting. Between FIA World Rally, Battlestar Galactica, and Rome, I've been far too busy watching TV to be bothered with building things. But now that sweeps week is upon us, I'll have at least a couple months of repeats, and it's time to address my backlog of PCBs, and the fact that none of them have shit stuck to them.

So, first up is the MiniSynth. The hardest part of this project, like all projects, is ordering the fucking capacitors. Someone at Tiny Shit, Inc. needs to get their business in order and make some sense of capacitors. Not only are there like 25 different kinds, but they're mutually incompatible, and the numbering system is just about the stupidest thing I've ever come across. You'd think it would occur to someone that it's just as easy to write .001 mf as it is to write 1000 pf. Get that shit straight, people!

In any case, that stressful bullshit is done with, and now it's just to wait for the box, and building will commence. It probably took me longer to enter all the caps in to the Mouser order than it will to stuff the damned thing, truth be told. I wasn't too thrilled with the panel designs on the MFOS site so I took the liberty of making my own panel, which is pictured above. I figured since the numbers on the knobs were almost completely (but not entirely) arbitrary, there was no real point in having them. So I lost those, came up with a snazzy little hash for the knobs, and moved the VCF stuff down to the bottom. I figure those are the knobs that get grabbed most often, so they shouldn't be in the middle of a bunch of stuff you might not want to bump.

Anyways, I should have this done by this weekend, FedEx Gods permitting. Photos as progress is made.

November 14, 2005

Viral Marketing 101

by Chris Randall

So TC Electronics just put up an interview with Jon Burton, the FOH engineer for The Prodigy. If you look closely at the photo above, which heads the interview, you'll notice that what's on the screen is pointedly _not_ a PowerCore plugin, but rather our own little DubStation.

Jon also mentions us in the interview, which is really nice of him. To wit: ?A lot of bands are experimenting with using software live, essentially trying to translate the song material into a live format. This doesn't always work? - Jon Burton explains - ?because a lot of software plug-ins simply aren't good enough. Only within the last year, things have started to improve with the PowerCore platform and stuff like the Audio Damage plug-ins.?

It's nice to be held in such lofty company, I'll grant. I'll also note that Jon purchased all our products; we didn't give him anything for free for the mentions. He uses DubStation and Discord for live vocal processing.

November 13, 2005

The true definition of the word "fucktard"

by Chris Randall

November 13, 2005

Audio Damage Phase Two screen-shot...

by Chris Randall

Here is a screen shot of the final UI for Phase Two. If you click here, you can see it in full resolution. As you can see, we've stayed more or less true to the original. The only difference is that instead of the "PED" mod source, we've made it so you can assign any MIDI CC to that setting. Otherwise, it is pretty much exactly the same as the real thing. Still a few weeks away from being done on this.

November 13, 2005

Anyone need something _really_ ridiculous?

by Chris Randall

From the Portland Craig's List: this ad for a Yamaha DX-5. Don't see those around too often, and this seems to be in pretty good shape. $575 and a forklift takes it home. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind having one of these, if only for the conversation value. "Why don't you just have two DX7s?"

Might be a good addition to our theoretical Vintage Digital studio.


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