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November 30, 2005

Making The Super Fucker, Pt. 2

by Chris Randall

Well, that was easy enough. Aside from one rather drastic mistake on my part, the Super Fucker Mk. 1 was really easy to build. The only problem I had is that I didn't leave enough clearance between the switch and the case for the battery. I was only off by about 2mm, but it's all the distance in the world in this case. I won't make that mistake twice.

And how does it sound? Let me just say that whoever designed the original circuit knew what the fuck they were doing. I don't know how different my changes make it sound from the orignal circuit, as I never built that, but it sounds _really_ good as is. My changes involve swapping the 2.7K resistor with a 2.2K, using germanium diodes instead of the recommended ones, and using 2N2222A metal can transistors instead of the 2N5088 on the schematics.

I tried a lot of different transistor pairs before settling on the 2222A. I found a couple combinations that sounded more or less the same, and one combo that sounded markedly better, but the output was too low. Adam has a suggestion for increasing the gain, so I'm going to try that on the next one, with the other transistor pair.

And since you're curious now, here's an MP3, which I hope you'll listen to with the understanding that I'm not the world's greatest guitar player. The chain is Parker Fly on neck+middle, to the Super Fucker, to a TL Audio tube pre, straight in to my MOTU 896. I'm using Amplitude on the 800 Clean preset. The first little riff is without the pedal, then with.

November 30, 2005

Making The Super Fucker, Pt. 1

by Chris Randall

You're looking at the parts pile for today's project, the Analog Industries Super Fucker pedal. I started with the normal EH Muff Fuzz design, then made some changes to account for the vintage parts I'll be using (from my hoard purchased a couple weeks ago). I ordered everything from Small Bear, including that nice cream-colored chickenhead knob. The first order of business will be to drill the case and paint it. I'll be applying the Super Fucker legend via decal, then I'll build the electronics on protoboard.

November 30, 2005

Edward The Compressor...

by Chris Randall

Don't know how I missed this, but I just came across the TFPro Edward The Compressor, a multiple architecture compressor for what I think is a not-too-bad price. You can select VCA, 1176, LA2A, and "Green Box" (which is the original JoeMeek compressor) modes of operation. Since the "TF" in TFPro is Ted Fletcher, the original designer of the JoeMeek SC2, that would probably explain its inclusion in the same sentence with the 1176 and LA2A.

In any case, this is an interesting concept, and while $1700 may seem a little steep for a stereo compressor, you are, in effect, getting four different compressors for the price of one. Worth checking out, but I'd rent it before I bought, if I was you.

November 29, 2005

Back, and better than ever...

by Chris Randall

Okay, I'm back from "vacation" (and I use that term with the loosest of all possible conotations). A whole mess of DIY stuff showed up while I was gone. I've got the parts I ordered from Small Bear to build my Analog Industries Super Fucker pedal, which should be entertainingly painful. I've got my PCB from Music From Outer Space to build the Soundlab Mini Synth. I've got all the parts from Mouser for same.

So, some serious DIY is in store for this week. I'll warm up the Weller and get to work, just as soon as I figure out where the hell I'm going to put this Wurlitzer. I also have to read a week's worth of entries on all the industry news pages I normally peruse. That's gonna be fun. "Roland Releases Yet Another Piece Of Black Plastic With Virtual Good Stuff In It. Film At Eleven."

November 25, 2005

Hard-Core Gear Porn Friday!!! (Mini Vacation Edition)

by Chris Randall

Sorry for not having a massive Wall O' Modular today, but I'm on vacation and my priorities are all ass-backwards. However, I picked up the Oberheim Matrix 6 today, so here's a snap of my little guest bedroom keyboard rig I've aquired in my two days in Phoenix. The in-laws are much amused. ("What do you need two keyboards for? Why are they so old? They look all beat up. Don't you want a new keyboard? They have new keyboards at Circuit City." Etc. Etc. Etc.)

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