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October 19, 2005

Monster studio liquidation auction on BidSpotter...

by Chris Randall

BidSpotter is liquidating Toronto's McClear Digital, and there are over a thousand items in the auction, ranging from cheap-ass AKG headphones on up to the Studer Vista 7 console. With BidSpotter, you watch the auction live, and you have to pony up a $500 deposit before you can bid, but you can score some _really_ good deals here. There's an H3000SE, a mess of LA3A and 1176 comps, a Neve "from the board" stereo EQ, etc. etc. etc.

If you have the means, strongly recommended.

October 19, 2005

What's in your dream studio?

by Chris Randall

I was just wondering what the de rigeur Dream Studio was these days. I'm referring mainly to your computer/DAW/converters/summing/outboard highlights, rather than the stacks and stacks of synthesizers/guitars/sackbuts you all desire. There are a lot of options these days for assembling a system, and if I had unlimited funds, here's what I'd get:

Computer: A loaded Alienware MJ-12 dual-core Opteron box.

DAW: Nuendo, of course.

Convertors: Euphonix AM 713 and MA703, plus an RME MADI PCI card. Yeah, I think 24 channels of Euphonix conversion would do me just fine. Alternately, I could live with an Apogee AD16X and DA16X, plus an RME Hammerfall, or a pair of Rosetta 800s plus a Big Ben, if I wanted to slum it.

Summing mixer: Neve 8816, and that goes without saying. Or the Aurora Audio GTM-822, if I got the Apogee convertors.

Outboard: I think one of these would set me up pretty nicely, quite frankly. Plus a 2016. And the API 2500 compressor would round out the picture well.

Monitors: a pair of Adam S3As would be just the ticket.

So, that's my dream system. I'm looking at a pretty healthy chunk of change there, so I either need to win Powerball, or get a production job that pays something besides, like, a ball of yarn and a dose of goodwill.

October 18, 2005

Hugh Le Fucking Caine

by Chris Randall

There are giants, and then there are BOLD ITALIC GIANTS. Hugh LeCaine is definitely of the latter group of giants. Pictured above, playing his 1945 creation, the Electronic Sackbut (sometimes this shit just writes itself, you know?), LeCaine is one of the baker's dozen of people that can lay claim to having invented synthesis. The rest of is chock-full of the sort of information that is only available in countries where you can get grants for making web sites like this. Check out the Instruments page for the Special Purpose Tape Recorder, a Mellotron fore-runner, and the Oscillator Bank, which, as the name implies, is a bank of 106 oscillators.

October 17, 2005

Chandler EMI Abby Road compressor for VST!

by Chris Randall

I was a little worried, but one of the Chandler Guys hopped on to the pertinent thread over at Gearslutz and said that the EMI Comp plug they're working on will be released first for TDM, with RTAS and VST to follow in a bit. Between the URS compressors and this bad boy, I think my DAW compression needs, at least in software, will be pretty much met for the time being. I'll drop more info as I find it, but suffice to say that this is the one to watch.

October 17, 2005

Homemade Mellotron w/ Walkmen

by Chris Randall

Just picked this up off of BoingBoing. Mike Walters has created the Melloman, which is fundementally the same as a Mellotron, except made with cassette Walkmen. (Yeah, technically it would be "Walkmans" but I just can't bring myself to type that.) In a nutshell, the tapedecks, fourteen of them, are running all the time, and the keyboard gates the audio signal from each one.

Here's a view inside:

Now, this is a really crafty project. He explains it in some detail on his page, but the long and short of it is that he has fourteen decks. On thirteen of them there is an answering machine casette, which has a sound on the left channel, and the same sound an octave higher on the right channel. A great idea, and a great homebuilt case to put it in.

There's even an extra deck with drum loops on it, for Super Bee-Gees Extra Credit. Five fucking stars, dude.


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