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October 4, 2005

Mystery solved...

by Chris Randall

Okay, we've found out about the Radio Shack Ring Of Death. The creator is one Toby Paddock, who, aside from being obviously deranged, took the time to pen this missive:

Each reverb have an added delayed-only signal output that feeds into
the next in the circle. I haven't spent much time with it yet so I don't
really know what it wants to do. Cheesy old sci-fi movie noises and
obnoxious feedback are easy to get from it.

The lucite box is a neon oscillator 4x4x4 grid "art thing". Not really
synth-diy related, but it does have oscillators modulated by other
oscillators. Sort of. I would like to try to get some signals out of it. It
is powered from +/-160V (20uA) with a floating ground and I'm guessing the
ground floats around a bit as the lamps fire.

So, there you have it.

October 4, 2005


by Chris Randall

Okay, here's the deal: I have a platinum record. And a gold one. I'm, like, quasi-famous and stuff. So I think, because I'm even more quasi-famous than most of the people that endorse products (and thus get them for free) I should be getting more free shit. I may not have sold more records than BT, but I sure have put out a fuck of a lot more, and being prolific has to count for something, right?

The problem with the above equation is (a) I hate to ask for free shit, and (b) I'm a world-class gear snob. Most of the shit you can get for free is, well, shit, when you get down to it. What would be really nice is if a company like Wunder Audio decided that they wanted a quasi-celebrity spokesman, and that I was just the musician they had in mind, and then they sent me, say, one of their spankin' new Wunder Recording Consoles. If that little stinker isn't just a thing of beauty, I don't know what the hell is. Ten inputs, based around their luverly PEQ-1 channel strip. This isn't a summing buss, but rather an actual recording console in mini-me form, along the lines of the Neve Kelso or Melbourne. No price on the website, but seeing how a single PEQ-1 cartridge goes for over $2,000, we're talking at least $20K for this bad boy.

Shit, I'd endorse child slavery for that. Seriously, Wunder. I'll say very nice things about you every day. Think about it.

October 3, 2005

Master Control Center 102

by Chris Randall

Some progress on the Master Control Center today. One point to remember during all of this is that I live in the Pacific Northwest. What that means, for readers from outside the United States, is that it rains pretty much constantly. North America's only rain forest is here, and with good reason. (English people would feel right at home here.)

So, between squalls I had to haul all my plywood and tools outside, whereupon I could measure and cut until another cloudburst, when I had to haul everything in again. So it took about four times longer than it should have, but it's a good start. I changed the plans up somewhat from my original design, as you can see. I made little wings for my speakers, so that they would be up higher. The actual desk portion will now be the same width as the unit itself.

I should finish the major construction tomorrow, then it will be on to finish work, and presto, we'll have a console/desk/whatever, just like that.

October 3, 2005

The Final Sign That The Apocalypse Is Upon Us...

by Chris Randall

I was browsing through the Flickr gallery of the Pacific Northwest Synth Meeting, and came across this gem. I don't know who it belongs to, but this... uhhhhh... array? of nine (9!) Realistic Electronic Reverbs is like something out of a Lovecraft novel.

Will the Guilty Party please step forward and inform us all about this Weapon Of Devastating Power?

October 2, 2005

Building an SSL Compressor Clone...

by Chris Randall

I've mentioned the Gyraf SSL clone several times on this blog as a good starting point for someone interested in trying their hand at doing some high-end DIY. I just came across this page where this guy has documented building the Gyraf clone from aquiring the PCBs all the way up to the finished product. It may not be the prettiest clone around, but it's an interesting documentation of the process by someone that is new to DIY. A handy resource if you're on the fence about building one of these. (Like me, for instance.)

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