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Archives: September 2005

September 21, 2005

Utterly pointless waste of time...

by Chris Randall

...which makes it banner headlines here at Analog Industries! This site has a rather extensive list of quite a few home and toy keyboards, and how their sound is generated. Handy to know which of these is "analog," and which is "digital," so when people come over to your studio and see a stack of Casio MT-30s, you can justify their existence, using the following phrase:

"These instruments synthesize their main voice from 2 layered multipulse squarewaves with different digital envelopes followed by simple analogue filters. (Casio called this principle Consonant- Vowel synthesis.) The results can be very different from average videogame squarewave sounds and permit high quality timbres."

Just more fuel for the analog/digital wars. The list is kind of Euro-centric, but should still be printed out for crib notes when you're making the rounds of Goodwills and Salvation Army stores (or whatever the analog is in Europe) for circuit-bending fodder.

September 20, 2005

Well, we're really quite big in Japan...

by Chris Randall

I don't know what it says, but I'm sure it's very polite. "Look what these gai-jin put together. Maybe they aren't so stupid after all." Go there and see for yourself.

September 20, 2005


by Chris Randall

I've got an odd question. Is anyone aware of a VSTi or AU instrument that emulates the GameBoy audio hardware? And I don't mean some dumb-ass SynthEdit sample-fest, either; I mean a VSTi that uses the audio engine from one of the many emulators, or perhaps one of unique design, and the audio is done in DSP, not with samples.

September 20, 2005

Freak it like this...

by Chris Randall

Sorry I didn't post anything on Monday, but I was busy as all get-out. Finished up a contract job for [redacted], then actually made my otherwise quite-powerful PC (AMD64, doncha know?) whimper like a little girl from having to render 3D Studio Max files all day long. However, the GUI for Phase Two (the AD Bi-Phase clone) is now more or less done. I don't want to talk shit or anything, but, well, okay, I will... I think Audio Damage needs to get in an MC battle with another plug-in company, basically.

Anyways, I'm sure to find something interesting to talk about in the morning, but I'm so wiped right now I'm starting to see fantom lizards in my peripheral vision, and that's not a Good Thing.

September 18, 2005

A warm fuzzy feeling...

by Chris Randall

The Audio Damage site has gotten a complete top-to-bottom facelift, courtesy of my loving and talented wife. Aside from the obvious, some back-end changes were done to enable better delivery of upgrades.

However, the biggest news is that FuzzPlus 2 is now available. We only have the VST versions for OSX and Windows currently. The AU version will be rocking in a week or so, so please don't send me nasty letters about how I hate AU (and you know who you are!) While it's true I do hate AU, I hate it a lot less than I hate the average Windows VST user. (And a caveat here: I am a Windows VST user, so I know from whence I speak.)

So, go get yourself a free plug-in, courtesy of us, and maybe add yourself to the mailing list so I can spam you with product announcements occasionally, and thereby justify my otherwise wretched existence.


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