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Archives: June 2006

June 27, 2006

More info on the Buzz 500-series compressor...

by Chris Randall

Tim Farrant from Buzz Audio dropped the following info about the new Essence compressor:

We have the pricing for the 500 Series ESSENCE compressor worked out - it will street for US$875.

The ESSENCE has a Lundhal 1540 transformer input passively coupled to the OPTO gain reduction element, followed by a high speed Class A make up amplifier and into a Lundahl 1517 output transformer.

The sidechain design is very similar to our SOC1.1 Stereo Compressor, and offers the same Differential Drive topology. The attack time with this circuit is generally less than 1 millisecond when selected.

Units should begin shipping in September, due to availability of the Lundahl transformers.

The only downside to these guys is that they're double-wide, but when you think about it, hardly anyone (besides Adam Jay) has a full rack of 500 modules. Every picture I see with a rack has a couple empty holes. So, this kills two birds: you get a compressor, and one of those holes you're never gonna fill gets filled. It's win/win.

June 25, 2006

SSL Duende first user review...

by Chris Randall

Continuing my Duende fetish, here's the first review I've seen. People that had ordered them started receiving the first units this week, so we'll see some more of these. (I should just make a reusable Duende icon now, because I'm going to be talking about this a lot.)

It's interesting to note that this guy has two PoCo PCI, a UAD-1, and a FW PoCo in his system already, and didn't have any problems adding a Duende. A lot of people were worried about that. It is a Mac, obviously, so that may color your opinion on that particular subject. I plan to run the Duende and a PoCo FW on the same Windows box; we'll see how that goes.

That all said, the review reads about like I thought it would. I'm looking forward to September when the PC software becomes available.

June 24, 2006

Time, with real tube warmth...

by Chris Randall

I always thought nixie clocks were cool, but this guy takes it to a whole new level. Eric Barbour of Metasonix fame dropped this bad boy on me. Check it: the electronics of the clock are also tube-based, not just the display. Yeah, I wish I was a member of the idle rich, too. Jesus christ. Anyways, more nixie goodness, along with tons of pictures of the project. In German, natch.

June 24, 2006

Branding a dot com...

by Chris Randall

Okay, so we've been out of Audio Damage t-shirts in Real People sizes for quite a while. Some tiny German dude just bought the last two out of the store, both smalls. I've received enough email requests to make it worthwhile to get new Audio Damage shirts made, so I'm in the process of getting that together. I'm going to change the design a bit to match our current ad campaign, but they'll still be 6-color print expensive-ass shirts.

We're obviously not in the business of selling t-shirts for any kind of profit. We have the mechanism to sell them, as the record label my wife owns/runs has to ship mail order every day; thus, it's not a big deal to send out a t-shirt or two here and there. But we don't want to turn Audio Damage in to a soft goods company that also sells plugins.

Now, that said, it's nice to have various items in the store, and I'm casting about for other items which might look good. Anyone that has bought soft goods from the Posi store knows that we don't scrimp on quality or anything, and we're only interested in top-of-the-line stuff. (The first Audio Damage t-shirt is actually a bit too heavy duty, IMO.)

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone might have an opinion on what might be a cool item to carry in the store in addition to the t-shirts. I thought a laptop bag might be appropriate. I liked the ones that Ableton have; we obviously can't afford to do anything _that_ custom, but we could certainly sport something like this. Another product from that same company that caught my interest was this, which I thought might be good for doing a gig, as you could stick your laptop, and have the other bulkhead for a little mixer, audio interface, headphones, whatever.

We would, of course, add a nice big AD Bot embroidery to the front of anything like that. Any thoughts on other things I should consider? Is there a better bag out there? Some other piece of kit that would be cool branded with the AD bot?

June 23, 2006

Is it just me?

by Chris Randall

Or has Harmony Central gone completely down the tubes in the last couple months? The first couple weeks after their Big Sale to Musician's Friend were fine, but now it seems their editorial policy has changed somewhat. Having a look at the "stories" on the front page today, it seems like a fucking marketing meeting for an industry group of music stores that sell marching band instruments.

When I first heard about the sale to Musician's Friend (a company which I think would be better named "Musician's slightly retarded neighbor") I figured HC would rapidly go downhill. It turns out I was mistaken. It certainly went downhill, but it wasn't rapid. "[O]ver time you'll see the website grow into a more vibrant, fun, and informative online resource," said the press release mid-April. I guess that "over time" means "about two and a half months" in marketing-speak, and "vibrant, fun, and informative" means "shit you don't care about."

It isn't so obvious unless you religiously read HC. The front page has always just been a press-release reprinting service, but at least it was press releases you found interesting. Now it's the sort of press releases that I've always busted Sonic State's balls for, the sort that a company puts out for the 'what's going on in the industry' section of Mix. In short, boring pointless industry-speak that has nothing to do with the working musician.

Congratulations, Musician's Friend. You did a good job.

UPDATE: Hey, HC, if someone from your company was reading this and going "hey, I don't know what the fuck Chris is talking about," I was talking about shit like this. Are you fucking kidding me? Some training mill turns out 14 new patchbay monkeys, and that's news? Come the fuck on.


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