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Archives: April 2006

April 18, 2006


by Chris Randall

Just rolled in from my trip to L.A. this weekend; my living room is inexplicably full of boxes. While I was gone, a Red Type B mic and a CME controller showed up. I'll put up initial thoughts tomorrow, and a full review of the Type B shortly thereafter.

Otherwise, I just drove 970 miles, and I'm a bit retarded.

April 14, 2006

Hard-Core Gear Porn... Saturday?

by Chris Randall

Sorry for the late post, but I doubt Lisa would have taken kindly to me pulling over on the highway next to a 10,000 acre cattle feedlot to search for pictures of synths. But, better late than never. The above shot is from Djam Karet's studio, White Arrow. "The California-based Djam Karet has often been called America's greatest undiscovered band," according to the usual press-release-speak on the front of the site. I would think that statement could be argued quite easily, never mind the fact that it is somewhat oxymoronic. But that said, they have a lot of gear. They also have guitars for heads. Except for one guy that has a Roland Hand Drum Thingie for a head. Seriously.

Here's their modular rig, equal parts Doepfer, MOTM, and Cwejman. There's a Yamaha FS1R stuck in there, weirdly enough. An under-rated box, that. I personally find prog-rock to be completely unlistenable for the most part, but if you like those sorts of bands, this is one of them. They have some nice shit, though.

April 12, 2006

Out Of Town...

by Chris Randall

Okay, time to pack. I'll be in L.A. all weekend, looking for a new landlord to throw money at for the honor of being allowed to sleep under their roof. I'll have an HCGPF, of course, but it may be late Friday evening. I'll be paying an in-person visit to the Mecca Of All Things Synth, Analog Haven, time permitting. (My wife chortles "you're not driving my fine ass all the way to Los Angeles so I can stand around while you talk gear...") Back on Tuesday.Don't break anything.

April 12, 2006

FMOF April Final...

by Chris Randall

Okay, it was a good one this month. I think we're all getting the hang of this. I couldn't download the one from deceptakahn. Please make sure to leave your loops where I can get them until you see the final one up, as I don't usually download all of 'em until I'm assembling the Big Mo. Also, a couple of the loops didn't line up correctly, time-wise (you'll hear 'em...) so make sure you export a total four measures. I make sure everyone fits _my_ 120 bpm four measures, but if I don't get the full four measures, there's not a lot I can do...

In any case, once again, we took a crap loop and turned it in to a seriously schizophrenic whole. Here 'tis. Here's the list of submissions:

1. Original Loop

2.Chris Randall

3. rugerseeds

4. Angstrom

5. Wade Alin

6. shamann

7. NPProject

8. Ronin

9. Gold Code

10. innerspace

11. Navs Abbany

12. Till

13. Martin Jenkins

14. Eric E

15. sdfgf asds

16. Mike Trobridge

17. BringMeUp

18. Chad Beckwith

19. skOre

20. jt

21. Chris Cortier

22. Scott Stepenuck

23. rabbitcrvshd

24. noisegen

25. Original Loop (faded out)

We're going to get extra experimental next month. A couple people have requested one with no beats, so I have to find some rhythmic, yet beatless, source material. That should be interesting.

April 12, 2006


by Chris Randall

This is the monome, probably the first to actual market of the slew of upcoming multi-button interfaces. It will be available in two sizes (8x8 and 16x16) and includes an application which allows you to determine how it will work, and to intercept MIDI data for it. The 8x8 one is going to be available shortly for $500. No price or availability on the 16x16 one. There is a short movie here which will illuminate you as to what it is for. I can't see this being terribly useful in a studio environment, but it might be nice live for improvisational loop performance. (Which is tedious to watch, but fun to do.) Thanks to Chris O'Shea for the heads-up.

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