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March 8, 2006

Apparently your pedal board needs t00bs now...

by Chris Randall

Man, just when I thought I had tubes in everything that could have tubes in it... I was pretty sure I'd met my Professional Musician Tube Quota, but then penzoil washington sends me a link to the Kanuter VTPB 1 Vacuum Tube Pedal Board, and I realize that there's still real tube warmth to be had. Oh, Holy Mother Of The Even Order Harmonics, thank you for blessing us so.

It looks like there's a tube preamp, then an effects loop, then a tube recovery amp. Toss in a power supply for your pedals, and you're in hog heaven, at least as far as tubin' up your sound goes. So, if my tube mic is hooked to my tube mic pre, and is placed in front of my tube amp, which is fed by my tube pedal board chock full of pedals with tubes in them, do I still have to practice, or will it just sound so fucking good that I can get by without actually playing anything?

Here's the site. Although, I have to say, it looks a little fishy. There's no window so you can see the tubes. What's up with that?

March 7, 2006

Calrec still around?

by Chris Randall

I don't know how this slipped by me, as I'm normally pretty up on this sort of shit, but apparently Calrec is still in business. Or at least, someone owns the name and is making consoles. They are definitely slated to the broadcast (tv/radio) industry, but a console is a console when you get down to it. Of particular interest to readers here is the M3, pictured above. It looks like you can buy a boat and fill it with however many channels you need.

Here's the page. The interesting thing to note is that while the recording industry usually eschews cleanliness in favor of mic pres and eqs that have a bit of color, the broadcast industry wants the cleanest of clean, so that might inform your reading of the provided material. But taking that in to consideration, this is an interesting item. The C2 is also worth a look, particularly for the upstand modules (comp, limiter, etc.).

March 6, 2006

No posts today...

by Chris Randall

Sorry, but I'm getting some major dental work today, and will not be posting. You can take this time to get your FMOF loop done...

March 4, 2006

The Most Annoying Sound Ever...

by Chris Randall

Peter Grenader of Plan B just posted a link to Savart's Wheel on the Analog Heaven list. I clicked the link, and read that it "is widely acclaimed for the fact that it makes the most obtrusive, obnoxious and irritating sound imaginable."

I was, like, "whatever. I made industrial music for 15 years." Then I played the MP3. That claim is no joke. This little device is nasty. Not the sort of thing you want to hear when you have a toothache. Thanks, Peter.

March 4, 2006

Four Measures Of Fury March Madness!!!

by Chris Randall

Sorry this is so late. I meant to do it last night, but I was put down for the count by a monster toothache that has left me all but unable to function. However, pharmacutical products have been liberally applied, and I can at least type now.

Anyways, now that you guys know how this works, we're gonna get a little tricky. This month is definitely tougher, not your average break. I've chosen a loop made from a freestyle track by Polish beatboxer Arczi. I should note here that, like you, I was unaware that all the best beatboxers come from Poland. I've since been corrected. It's interesting how utterly lacking in soul German hip-hop performers of any stripe are, while their next-door neighbors are actually quite good. I suppose there's a certain line of logic to that.

So, without further drug-induced rambling, here is the loop. Four measures, of course. The tempo is 95 bpm. For those that weren't around for the last FMOF, here are the rules:

1. When you submit a loop, it _must_ be the original tempo or a derivation thereof (e.g. half-time, double-time, etc.), and exactly the same length in time as the original loop. (i.e. if you go double time, you actually have to submit 8 measures.)

2. Any and all chopping, slicing, dicing, effects, resynthesis, etc. are allowed. However, you may not use anything but the provided source material. No additional synths or samples other than what is provided.

3. Either email me your submission, or post a link to it in this thread or later FMOF threads. If you choose to email your submission, please zip it, as that makes my life easier. If you have a web page you'd like a link to, provide that with your submission as well.

4. All submissions must be received by midnight Friday next. I will then assemble all the submissions in the order they are received, and put the resulting file up as an MP3.

So, there you have it. The bass sounds are in B and C#, if you need to know that for some reason. Get to choppin', and may the best reconstruction emerge victorious!


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