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Archives: March 2006

March 9, 2006

The Construction of David Gilmour's pedal board...

by Chris Randall

Pete Cornish makes pedal boards. Pete Cornish makes David Gilmour's pedal boards. Pete Cornish was kind enough to photo-document this process. Go look.

March 9, 2006

Ward Beck modules. Qty: One Metric Fuckton

by Chris Randall

Holy DIY console, Batman. This is obviously the left-overs of some serious Ward Beck console repair stockpile. Ward Beck is frequently, and in my opinion disingenuously, called the Neve Of The North. Let's make one thing clear: Ward Beck is not the Neve Of Canada. Neve is the Neve of Canada. Ward Beck is the Ward Beck of Canada.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, there are enough cartridges here to make yourself a 16-channel Ward Beck sidecar, with enough left over for two more. Or you could buy the lot, then sell 'em one at a time on the 'bay and probably make a tidy profit. Here's the auction. Don't get any drool on my website.

March 8, 2006

Cheap drum trigger for your modular...

by Chris Randall

Robert Trelease just posted the following on the Blacet list. I thought it might be interesting to those of you that have modulars but aren't on that list:

The Blacet 2225 I/O works great for producing analog percussion and
bell sounds with inexpensive professional drum triggers.

I've gotten great results from a Pintech RS-5T drum trigger (~$23)
mounted on a 6" Remo Practice Pad (~$13). The TT3 trigger trap
bracket had to be slightly modified (end tab cut off) to fit the
practice pad. The trigger output is a 1/4" jack, making for easy
cable connection to the I/O.

Best results were obtained with 100X amplification on the I/O 2225,
with gain and level set for reliable triggers and gating. It was
easy to set the levels for stick or hand drum play (way simpler than
on my Yamaha DD-5 digital drums).

Here's a link to the trigger at Musician's Friend. Any ol' practice pad should work.

March 8, 2006

Audio Damage 914 Fixed Filter Bank now available...

by Chris Randall

All right, it's here. The Audio Damage 914 Fixed Filter Bank is now available for purchase in the Audio Damage store. This one is a major upgrade to the 907A plug, and has the following feaures:

? Separate level controls for wet and dry signals.

? 15dB of makeup gain on the wet level.

? Twelve bandpass filters instead of the eight on 907A.

? Universal Binary and VST 2.4 upgrades, for complete compatibility on the Macintosh platform.

The price for this plug is $39.00, or $10.00 for the upgrade if you already own 907A. Here is the page for the full version, and here is the upgrade page. Note that there is a new catagory, "Crossgrades / Upgrades" in the store, and that's where we'll be putting all the Universal Binary crossgrades, as well as any products that have paid upgrades in the normal course of events.

March 8, 2006

FMOF Countdown!

by Chris Randall

Okay, keep 'em coming. This one is shaping up really nicely. Two days left. This is the new FMOF thread; put your submission links here, or zip 'em up and mail 'em to me.

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