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Archives: March 2006

March 29, 2006

The Big Slim...

by Chris Randall

Okay, this is gonna be tough, albeit in a cathartic way. Lisa and I are going to be moving from our largish house in the country to a smallish apartment in the city (while it was a noble experiment, living out in the sticks ultimately blows) and thus my studio has to become significantly smaller for the time being.

While, as I aluded in the first sentence of this post, slimming a collection of instruments down to the bare necessities is cathartic, it forces some difficult problems to the forefront. I've done this a couple times in the past. At one notable juncture in my career, I had 18 analog synths. With keys. (I tend to eschew rackmount synths for some reason.) While it's nice to have every possible sound at my beck and call... well, yeah. You get the picture.

So, decision time, right? The most difficult choice I've made is to unload my (mostly) Blacet modular. I will probably end up buying one again, but I simply won't have the room in my new place, and I can live without it for the time being. I'm still not entirely certain about this decision, but there's a lot of money tied up in it that could be applied to stuff I would use a lot more.

All the stupid impulse-buy shit has to go too. That means Prophet 2000, Matrix 6, Wurlitzer 112, Wurlitzer Sideman. I've also got this ridiculous 70s Ampeg head I've been carting around for 5 years that I'll probably give to Wade, if I can bring myself to box and ship it. Lots of little jank too, such as a Univox EC100 that mostly works, tons of DIY shit, an unmodded iOpener, stacks of racks, a Neumann PEV in a Vintage City rack, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

In short, time to clean house and go down to the bare minimum yet again. It is really nice to do something like this because I find it much more inspirational to get new stuff than try to drag every single sound, kicking and screaming all the while, out of old stuff.

I'll put up prices and pictures in the not-too-distant future, but if there's anything in the above list that you can't live without, drop me a line via the contact button above, and let's talk.

March 29, 2006

Messe: New TC interface...

by Chris Randall

Man, and I just bought a FireBox, too. This is the Konnekt 24D, a new interface from TC. Aside from the rather ostentatious use of the letter "K" this seems to be a pretty sweet box. It has the Fabrik C channel strip and Fabrik R 'verb poured in DSP right in the box, and you can use 'em standalone which is kind of nifty. 2 line ins, 2 mic pres, 4 line outs, plus ADAT ports.

Another nice feature is that you can network up to three together for extra I/O. I can't find how many Fabrik C instances you can run per unit, but I'm guessing the answer is "one," which is kind of a bitch. I imagine they feel you'll use it on the input. I'm not too hip on printing my DSP dynamics and E.Q. as most of the fun of having a DAW is having a non-volatile workspace.

Anyways, this looks pretty sweet. 470 Eu for the Konnekt 24D, and 320 Eu for the Konnekt 8, which is obviously less I/O and no DSP on-board.

March 28, 2006

Lil' Phatty Info Up...

by Chris Randall

Here's the deal on the new Moog. I've been sitting on a picture of this thing for like two weeks, and you have NO idea how hard it was to not post it. Moog has let the cat out of the bag, though, so go forth.

Personally, I think it looks pretty fucking sweet. If you want a high-res pic, click here.

UPDATE: Analog Haven, the best store in the world, says $1375 is the price to beat.

March 28, 2006

Messe: Cwejman module pic...

by Chris Randall

Shawn from Analog Haven is at Musik Messe this week, and is promising to send me many pictures of cool shit. Above is the first of many, an image of the entire Cwejman modular lineup. Click the image for a high-res version.

This looks like a pretty nice system to me. Quasi-typical, but there are enough modules in the initial lineup to make a reasonably sophisticated system, from the looks of things.

March 28, 2006

The Long Strange Trip Of A VCS3...

by Chris Randall

Huh. The Putney that was the subject of many AHNW pictures this weekend (including my post of a couple days ago) is up on the 'bay. Quite frankly, I can't think of a 3-OSC mono that I'd pay $3150 for, but to each his own. It is, after all, the rare tobacco-burst finish. Thanks to DM for the link.

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