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Archives: February 2006

February 4, 2006

The Super Mario Bros. Audiosound Super-Synthesizer

by Chris Randall

Okay, unfortunately, it isn't quite as cool as the name makes it out to be, but this should be good for at least 10 minutes of clicking and chuckling. You can load four different world themes, then whack away at the various icons to make their sounds. Ultimately, the net result is that you get the sound from the game without actually playing the game. I'd say that it's probably more entertaining to just play the game in the first place.

Now, if someone made a SWF interface for the music creator portion of Super Mario Paint, _that_ would be fun.

February 3, 2006

Four Measures Of Fury! v1.0

by Chris Randall

Look at all those tasty peaks and zero crossings, like it's just begging to be set upon with a Split tool, right? I hearby announce the first of what will hopefully become a monthly event here at Analog Industries, Four Measures Of Fury!

Here's the idea: I provied a four-measure piece of some source material. You download it, reorganize it in to a new piece of music, and send it back to me. I then string all the four-measure pieces in to one continuous chunk of group-think IDM. This is obviously along the lines of the CDM one second thing of the New Year, but with more timing constraints, because I'm linear like that.

So, the first Saturday of every month will be Four Measures of Fury Day, when you can grab the loop in question. You then have one full week to turn it in to something far more poignant than it is. All entries I receive by the following Saturday morning will be strung together that day in the order received, and a list of the participants will be provided, in order, along with websites if available/provided.

For our inaugural trip, I've chosen an easy one, so everyone can get in the groove. Here is the loop, a stereo WAV file of the second drum break from the Enoch Light Moog travesty, "Pass And I'll Call You," as made famous in my most recent HCGPF post. Marvel at the panning drums! Thrill in anticipation with the first note of the amazing Moog melody that you don't actually hear. Basically, you've got a four measure drum break and a single bass note.

The tempo is 153 bpm, and any submissions I receive that are more (or less) than four measures exactly, and not 153 bpm exactly will be automagically removed from the queue, as well as any submissions that use any sounds besides what's already in the loop. Here's your chance to show off your drum break dissecting skills. Don't miss out!

I will provide a drop box starting Monday where you may send your submissions.

February 3, 2006

Ronin review...

by Chris Randall

Grooves Magazine, which was an excellent piece of print media, has moved to an all-digital format. Their first digital issue is free, and you can go have at it here. The reason I bring this up is that there is a lengthy, fair, and reasonably in-depth review of our Ronin plug-in, which can maybe give you some insight in to this quite-comlicated piece of code.

February 3, 2006

Hard Core Gear Porn Friday!!!

by Chris Randall

I know this is kind of a cop-out, as far as hard-core gear porn goes, but you can't ever go wrong with a picture of Wendy Carlos' studio. The Tempi Mk. II console on the left, two Synergy synths behind her, and to the rear left, you can see The Moog That Started It All, from the loins of which sprang the Switched On Bach seed that resulted in thousands of really shitty Moog records, featuring banal pop music re-realized with really nasty sawtooth lead lines, and ultimately resulting in the paragon of bad taste in panning and strange balance choices, Enoch Light's "Pass and I'll Call You."

A full-sized image of The Moog is here, a full-sized one of the above photo is here, and a whole 'nother mess of photos of her studio in various times and places is here. What's surprising to me is the fact that, while it seems like a lot of shit, it's really only four synths.

February 2, 2006

Logic 7.2... oof...

by Chris Randall

We, along with every other AU developer on the planet, were caught with our pants down by Apple's decision to ship Logic Pro 7.2 today. Our UB timeline was based upon Apple shipping it when they said they were going to, which is a month and a half from now. So, needless to say, the Audio Damage UB AU products aren't ready yet.

I'm sure this came as a big surprise to almost all AU devs. The CoreAudio list is going to have some funny letters on it today.


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