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Archives: February 2006

February 24, 2006

Hard-Core Gear Porn Friday!!!

by Chris Randall

If you were ever curious as to the studio that lives in my head, when I think about what my studio should be, instead of what it is, above is a picture of it. Of course, it doesn't have Michael Hoenig in it, hardly ever. And I imagine I could probably come up with a better storage medium than the mass quantity of 5.25" floppies he has. And I almost certainly wouldn't have a DX7 in it. But otherwise, yup, that's it pretty much exactly.

For the full-size, click here. This is taken from the Santuarios site, which consists, by and large, exclusively of scans of semi-famous synth players sitting in front of their rigs from 80s-era Keyboard magazines. The early 80s were kind to neither fashion nor hairstyles, but there's some pretty fly-ass synths to be had. All the usual suspects are well-represented, and you can easily spend an hour getting your monitor all sticky-like going through the photos. The rest of the site is in some language that isn't English, and is thus completely oblique to an American such as myself.

February 23, 2006

Nice modular gear porn from AHNE '05

by Chris Randall

Pretty pictures. Blinking lights. Patchcords. You know you want it. Go. Go. Go!

February 23, 2006

Fucking Sweetwater...

by Chris Randall

If you get the Sweetwater inSync mailing which goes out every week, you know that they "scour the web" each week looking for the best freeware/shareware. This week, in their infinite wisdom, they chose FuzzPlus 2.2. That's very nice of them, but they didn't warn us of this, or let us know in any way, shape, or form that several hundred thousand people would be downloading it today.

As a result, our entire box is running slow as fuck, and all the posiNET sites, including this one, are stuck in the mud. I took down FuzzPlus 2.2 until this storm passes, so things should pick back up, but it sure is annoying in the short term. I guess they just assume everyone has huge server farms.

February 23, 2006

In The AD Queue...

by Chris Randall

Okay, we're getting ready to throw our first batch of crossgrade/upgrade packages out in to the wild. After the first nervous moments of our VST2.4/Universal Binary Exploration, BigSeq (which is our first UB/2.4 product) is trouble-free, so with the glow of success fresh in our rearview mirror, we're feeling pretty good about things.

First up will be Ratshack Reverb, which received a major overhaul. Ratshack Reverb 2.0 features a completely rewritten interior. It looks the same on the outside, and in operation remains the same, but it sounds much better, has a lower CPU load, and now has MIDI learn, like most of our products. Also, 2.0 will include the long-awaited port to AU. Version 2.0 will increase in price to $34.95, and the upgrade/crossgrade for previous owners will be $5.00 to get the new version, which will include the Universal Binary AU and VST for OSX owners. This should be out later this week or early next week, as soon as we're done testing.

Immediately following that will be the whopper. We will release the 914 Fixed Filter Bank, which is a major upgrade to the 907A. The 914 features 12 bands, as opposed to 8 in the 907A. It also has makeup gain (an oft-requested feature of 907A owners), separate level controls for wet and dry, and an overall bandwidth control. It is head and shoulders above the 907A, and with the bandwidth control, makes a stellar passive-style equalizer. The 907A will be discontinued, and the 914 will be $39.00. The upgrade for previous owners will be $10.00, and will include Universal Binaries for the OSX crowd.

So, that's the first round. A UB of Dubstation will follow as soon as those two are out the door, and then we'll address where we're at. We have some excellent products in store, and as we continue the upgrade cycle, Discord 2 will be a major upgrade to that, our best-selling plug-in. It is gonna be a fun couple months over in AD land. Hit the site, and sign up to the mailing list to be notified about the upgrade process.

February 23, 2006

Word For The Day: agonistic

by Chris Randall

The Sweetwater Word For The Day never fails to make me chuckle. Usually, it's something like "Bi-Directional" or "AES/EBU" or "Nyquist Limit." Rarely is it an actual single word, which is why I've always thought it should be "vaguely music-related term for the day," although I suppose that doesn't really roll off the tongue in the same manner, at least not in English. I bet the Japanese have a single word that means "vaguely music-related term for the day," and can also mean "tuna that is maybe a little more gamey than I'd like" because Japanese is a context-sensitive language like that.

However, today I see a chink in the armor. The Sweetwater Word For The Day is dovetail, of all things. They go on to say that it's a common method for joining a guitar neck to a body for set-in necks in acoustics. I have two questions:

1) Who doesn't know what a dovetail joint is?

2) Has Sweetwater reached the end of their 4th Edition Of Vaguely Music-Related Terms In English?


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