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Archives: January 2006

January 18, 2006

FutureRetro product revealed...

by Chris Randall

This little beauty is the FutureRetro XS, which I assume stands for "Xpander Synth." We were pondering last week what their NAMM announcement might be, and lo and behold, here 'tis. It's a prepatched modular monosynth which looks pretty fucking sweet. One oscillator, plus a sub. No MIDI, as it is built to give an extra voice to the Revolution or 777, or act as a voice for the Mobius, all of which have CV out.

Well, it looks really nice, and I bet it's going to be inexpensive and sound excellent, because that's the name of the game for FutureRetro. I'd like 8, please!

January 18, 2006

Mmmmm. Buchla.

by Chris Randall

Our good friend Lorne Hammond organized an Analog Event at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC over the weekend, and a local music school brought out this vintage Buchla modular. No particular reason for posting this other than blatant porn.

January 17, 2006


by Chris Randall

Speaking as someone who makes a not-insignificant percentage of his yearly income providing music for console games, I read this article, The Rise and Fall of Game Audio by Matt Barton, with interest. I'll save you the trouble of reading the first section, which is painfully ill-informed, by saying the following: skip the first section. Don't believe me? Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

Anyways, the author goes on to list reasons his opinion is more credible, because he listens to MODs or something, and then basically provides a lengthy argument as to why game music should sound like Jean Michel Jarre. While I strongly disagree with many of Barton's points (which seem to be, for the most part, paraphrasing of George Sanger's omnipresent arguements viz. game music), the article, in and of itself, makes some interesting assertions.

Let me just say this, though. When the Fatman was making his early hits, music in games was an afterthought, and relegated to the "oh, shit, we gotta get someone to do this" file, so his opinion is more valid in that context. Now, with games costing as much or more to make (and grossing far more) than most Hollywood feature films, the composer is beholden to the director. He makes what he's paid to make, and that's something that's almost entirely (but not completely) like whatever the director put in the temp, just like in movies. Someone should inform Mr. Barton of this simple fact.

January 16, 2006

More Synthtech Frac-Rack news...

by Chris Randall

I don't know if this is fit for public consumption yet. It didn't come to me via the normal channels (e.g. Shawn from Analog Haven.) However, if you click here, you'll get a PDF that is the brochure for the MOTM-in-Frac-Rack offerings that will be on display at NAMM. I assume this is the handout that will be available at the NAMM booth. In any case, it has all the goodies on all four Frac-sized MOTM modules. Looks pretty good to me. I have a Synthtech-shaped hole in my modular that these would fill quite nicely.

I'll probably get in trouble for jumping the gun on this, so enjoy my discomfort.

January 15, 2006

Audio Damage PhaseTwo now available!

by Chris Randall

PhaseTwo can now be purchased for instant gratification. Go forth.

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